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Bdsmmania Calisas Bondage Diaries Damaged Goods

Description: Calisa isn�t doing too well. She�s stuck wearing an uncomfortable neck brace for who knows how long, and too embarrassed to leave her house. Her best friend ends up convincing her to just hide the brace using a scarf and Calisa decides to go for it. She does a surprisingly good job but just when she�s about to leave, a masked man enters. Calisa tells him to just take what he wants and leave. But, he wants Calisa. As he inches closer to his prey he notices the corset she�s wearing. He takes advantage of the fun opportunity and cinches Calisa�s waist to the max! Not only that but he also ties her elbows and wrists tightly behind her back! This is just getting more and more uncomfortable for Calisa. She tells the man she�s damaged goods in an attempt to gain her freedom but it doesn�t work. After a short ride in his car, (completely bound and gagged) Calisa is brought into a dark room and hogtied on the ground. Hogtied, with a neckbrace, tight corset, gag and all the other bondage to top it off? This is just NOT Calisa�s day.

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