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Tanya - Fun in the Bathtub Leads to Agonizing Contractions

Description: A break from her usual videos, this clip begins with Tanya in her bathroom with only a towel wrapped around her pregnant body. You won`t find any striptease here as she wastes no time dropping the towel to show you the changes her body has gone through and is still going through. Taking a seat on the edge of her bathtub, she rubs her perfect skin with a devilish smile on her face before finally moving into the tub and using the hose attachment to rinse off. Cool water trickles down her warm, hormonal body as she continues to wash herself, making sure you can see everything and holding nothing back. Her flawless skin glistens as rivulets of water run down her, and with the stream from the attachment hitting her sensitive nipples and shaved pussy, she can`t help but get aroused. Turning off the water and setting the hose back in its cradle, she once again takes a seat on the edge of the bathtub and begins to finger her pussy, her moans growing louder as she rubs her swollen clit. Lately, masturbating tends to get her so worked up that it triggers contractions, and this time proves no exception. Rocked by the sudden pains in her belly, her moans turn to groans as she fights off the contractions in hopes they don`t get worse. Will she be able to gain control of herself?

Genre: Brunette, Bathroom, Big Tits, Pregnant, Shower, Solo, Masturbation, Contractions
Cast: Tanya

FileExtension: mp4
FileSize: 530.8 MB
Duration: 00:13:12
Resolution: 1920x1080

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Tanya - Rubbing Her Shaved Pussy Brings On Painful Contractions

Description: Hoping this striptease will go a bit smoother than the last, beautiful young Tanya sits on her sofa wearing a vintage striped t-shirt with yellow short shorts. With a matching yellow bow in her hair, her outfit looks straight out of the 1970s and she makes it look damn good. Rubbing her pregnant body, she slowly twists and turns, her big belly quickly popping out from under her shirt. 36 weeks along now, that pregnant belly of hers is simply too large to be contained by such a small shirt, but Tanya knows it won`t be staying on for long anyhow. Her socks come off first, however, and after tossing them aside, she inches her shirt up further before finally pulling it off, exposing her bare breasts and giant belly. Smooth and radiant, her skin is flawless and she can`t stop smiling as she touches herself all over. She clearly loves every second of this, but she`s not done yet! She still has to lose her shorts, and when she does, her shaved pussy becomes a magnet for her fingers. She`s in the middle of rubbing her throbbing clit when history repeats itself and she`s slammed by a series of mild contractions that stop her in her tracks. Groaning in discomfort, her focus quickly shifts from masturbating to gaining control of herself. She rubs her bare belly in an effort to quell the contractions before they get worse, but will it work?

Genre: Masturbation, Big Tits, Long Hair, Pregnant, Brunette, Contractions
Cast: Tanya

FileExtension: mp4
FileSize: 539.4 MB
Duration: 00:13:16
Resolution: 1920x1080

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The Family Way

Description: The ultimate taboo fantasies! Sisters filled with daddy and brother's seed become pregnant! XXX sex with Logan before & after she's preggers! Pregnant sister Sadie watches while Logan fucks daddy! Dear diary: Last night my step brother Tony walked into my room. To my horror he started fucking me and soon were both cumming hard. Dear diary: a few days ago daddy was fucking me and my brother Tony walked in. He didn't seem shocked at all and daddy invited him to join us. Before I knew it Tony exploded in my face and mouth then daddy filled my pussy with his load. Dear diary: I know it has been awhile since I've written but things have been so crazy with daddy and my brother. I'm still not sure who got me pregnant but I'm pretty sure it was daddy.

Genre: Older Men, Amateur, 18+ Teens, Masturbation, Creampie, Family Roleplay, Fetish, Sex Toy Play, Threesome, Cumshots, Pregnant, Brunettes
Country: USA
Cast: Logan Lace, Sadie Holmes

FileExtension: mp4
FileSize: 926.7 MB
Duration: 01:26:01
Resolution: 852x480

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A Little Bit Pregnant #3

Description: These pregnant gal's hormones are raging -- raging for sex! They're riding it on top going down on all fours and have full milky breasts.

Genre: BJ, Outdoor, Hardcore, All Sex, Pregnant
Director: Michael King
Cast: Silver, Krista Leigh, Climax, Rene, Rod, Toni, Red, Juanito Caliente

FileExtension: wmv
FileSize: 620.5 MB
Duration: 01:22:15
Resolution: 320x240

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Alyssa Hart

Description: Alyssa Hart � Pregnant Slut
When we last saw Alyssa she was fucking her daddy so she could have a slumber party. She was shocked when he came inside her unexpectedly and worried she might be pregnant. Alyssa didn�t become pregnant that time but she began fucking all of her family members from that point on. She became such a slut her mother started escorting her out. Alyssa eventually became pregnant and such a popular hooker that a producer wanted to shoot a documentary about her whorish life. This is the story about a horny slut that became the most popular whore in town�
Day 3
Yesterday Alyssa�s brother told his friend to go to the house to have his sister give him a blowjob. She was a little upset about it but she told him he�d have to make it up to her. This is how he did it�
Alyssa�s brother Huff was watching TV when she came out of their dad�s room asking �Guess what?� He brother asks and she tells him their Dad has left to take his fuck from last night home. �Let�s go play on the new bed� she says. They jump on the bed and Alyssa shouts �Look it�s a cum stain�! She tells her brother they should make their own stain. He agrees and she tells him to get undressed. She sucks her brother�s cock and he tells her she�s does it really good. �I practice on dad� she tells him.
Once she has his midget dick hard she climbs on top and slides him into her tight young pregnant pussy. Alyssa bounces up and down on his cock until the baby kicks and she changes to doggystyle. �Smack my ass brother �she tells him. Huff gives her a swat and then grabs her pigtail and pulls them back like reins. �This is better than cowboys and Indians� she laughs. He fucks her hard from behind making her belly jiggle. �FUCK MY PREGNANT PUSSY� she shouts.
Alyssa lies on her side so she can relax while he pounds her. �Think dad would be mad if he knew we were fucking on his new bed?� he asked. She laughed and said �I don�t care if he gets mad but you�re going to pound the baby right out of me.� He grabs the lube and jerks off onto her enlarged tits and pregnant belly. �I know you�re not a virgin sis but you�re pregnant pussy sure is as tight as one�!google translate

Genre: Redhead, Incest, Pregnant, Petite, All Sex, Midget, Teen
Cast: Alyssa Hart

FileExtension: wmv
FileSize: 750.3 MB
Duration: 00:20:27
Resolution: 1280x720

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