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Dressed for Work Playtime with Casey Calvert.mp4

File Size: 376 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 30 FPS
Movie Length: 12:16

Casey is getting dressed for work, looking incredible in a pink polka dot lingerie outfit.
Her pretty body is too much to resist, pulling her right over his knee. Bouncing her pretty
bottom under his hand, he soon stands back for a better view of her peachy round globes.
POV camera captures his hand reaching out to pet her wet little pussy and smack her round
bottom. Just enough time before work to have a little fun, he instructs her to strip out of
her top. Her hand trails to her panties, sliding them down. Her gorgeous naked body in nothing
but heels on the bed, her seductive eyes beg for one more thing before work as she reaches
for his zipper.



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Pure Punishment Stevie Rose Full Video.mp4

File Size: 50 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 720 x 480 30 FPS
Movie Length: 03:09

Stevie has been acting up while Kyle was working, so right when he is able, he
marches her back to their hotel room to deal with her behavior. Without much
talking, he yanks her over his knee after yanking down her jeans and hand spanks
her bare bottom hard! She promises her Daddy that she will never do it again, but
Kyle keeps spanking to get his point home that he does not tolerate "acting out"



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College Girl Discipline-CT.mp4

File Size: 149 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 25 FPS
Movie Length: 05:05

She’s had the cane before, but this final application of the rod of correction
reduces Faerie Willow to penitent tears. Zoe Page has the tough job of punishing
Faerie in this last video in the College Girl Discipline series. Bent over to
touch her toes, bottom bare, Faerie grits her teeth in a dramatic finale shot with
multiple cameras. Cheek-rippling slow-mo replays.

You can download all 11 photos from this
set in an easy ZIP archive.



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Training for punishment pt1.mp4

File Size: 321 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 60 FPS
Movie Length: 05:28

Amelia is in trouble at The Club again for not following the strict
rules and protocols when she is hired as the evening's resident "House Slave".
Mistress Zoe deals with this unruly behavior the only (and best) way she
knows how... using her humiliating style of punishment and unbearable scolding
that leaves Amelia in no doubt what she has done wrong. Amelia is naked on the
spanking bench, already feeling "beyond subbie" and Mistress lets her know
exactly what is expected and demanded. Zoe is mean... as her hand spankings
and leather strappings ensure Amelia's bottom glows red with shame. This also
includes intimate and painful fingers finding Amelia's oh-so-vulnerable parts
such as her exposed nipples... they get tweaked hard to remind Amelia not to
forget why she is there! This is a fantastic DS spanking film between 2 very
popular ladies who need absolutely no introduction to our network... fans of
their work will adore this latest unique film!

Keywords: amelia jane rutherford, ariel anderssen, zoe page, mistress zoe, hand
spanking, sore red bottom, spanking bench, naked and exposed, bare bottom spanking,
sexy, humiliation, embarrassment, ass grabbing, nipple tweaking, aaaspanking.



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File Size: 246 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 30 FPS
Movie Length: 05:30

Yasmine scheduled a dinner for an hour and a half before Katie showed up at home.
An angered Yasmine demands to know where she has been, and when no good excuse comes up,
Yasmine pants her and spanks her right in the kitchen with her hand and a BLISTERING
little spatula which makes the forgetful Katie Kat NEVER want to be late again!



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Stop Playing on your Phone Reyna-Spanked and Paddled on her Panties Full Video.mp4

File Size: 309 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 30 FPS
Movie Length: 09:59

Wishing she had paid better attention to her phone alerts when she used up her data,
Reyna suffers over her Step Dad’s lap. Yanking down her yoga pants, her spanking hurts
even more on her panties. A thick leather paddle makes an impression as she promises
to obey. Pulling her panties up her crack to reveal her throbbing red bottom. His big
hand smacks down, held in place with a tight exposing wedgie as she is spanked. REYNA



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Bared for the Board - A Summer of Hard Spankings part 2.mp4

File Size: 883 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 30 FPS
Movie Length: 16:50

In "A Summer of Hard Spankings" part 1, Shy Sky was discovered at a hotel with a boy and she was
in serious trouble. She had lied and hurt her step-dad deeply,...certainly there would have to be
serious consequences for her careless actions. The girl would be given a choice of having to accept
a long grounding, or her bottom would be spanked in a stern manner not once but twice! Shy chose to
take the spankings and asked if she could get them over with in one day. Her step-dad agreed to
deliver the first part of her punishment right then and there, and the second set of licks would be
given later that evening. What you are about to witness is the second spanking that was given on that
fateful night and you'll clearly see that Shy's bare bottom was thoroughly roasted for her own good.
Now, in "Bared For the Board: A Summer of Hard Spankings" part 2, you'll see that Shy was very nervous
and having second thoughts. Maybe she could skip the second spanking and just be grounded for a couple
of months? Unfortunately for the young lady she'd sealed her own fate and agreed to two very stern
spankings and her step-dad was prepared to fire up her backside for being dishonest. Shy was wearing a
little red nightie and the spanking began with her bottom bared and put in the diaper position, from
there she was solidly whipped with his belt!!! Her step-dad's belt always hurt, but her pride suffered
as well being put in such a humiliating position. The family strap would be brought out next, a long
piece of unforgiving leather that digs deep and causes severe discomfort in a way that a defiant girl
doesn't soon forget.
While Shy laid at the end of the bed she thought about how things would be different that day if she'd
only followed the rules of the house. As her step-dad whipped her bottom and thighs with the quirt she
cried out, wrestling with the tears that such a painful spanking brings more often than not. Later, a
rubber strap with holes would be used to sizzle Shy's beautiful buns, though you almost felt sorry for
the girl when she had two take swats from two paddles, both of which also had holes! One paddle was made
of lexan and the other was solid wood, though both had a devastating effect when applied to Shy's naked
butt. Some might feel sorry for Shy, but understand that you might take a different tone if your step-daughter
couldn't be found and the whole family was filled with worry. The final implement used on Shy's buttocks
was the cane and by then the girl was swimming in tears. Shame on her for making the decisions that she
did, the discipline that she endured was well deserved.
The final part of Shy's punishment wouldn't be on her bottom, in fact the tawse would be applied to her
tender hands. Before that though, the the girl would have her mouth washed out with soap, and from there
she would have to keep the soap in her mouth while her palms were strapped. This was truly a memorable
night of discipline for Shy, she truly didn't ever want to be disobedient ever again.

Keywords: step-daughter spanked, hard cane strokes, strict step-dad, lexan paddle swats, quirt whipping,
a girl crying, wooden paddle swats, wooden paddle with holes, cruel punishment, hot belt strapping, thigh
spanking, bare bottom discipline, painful family strap, hot brunette punished, shy sky.



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College Girl Discipline-CU.mp4

File Size: 275 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 25 FPS
Movie Length: 09:16

Faerie Willow’s first series was a hit: now learn what made her decide to get spanked on video.
The petite, pert-bottomed beauty starred in College Girl Discipline with Zoe Page, who gave Faerie’s
butt a good workout with a whole range of implements. See exclusive extracts and find out what
implements she enjoys, and the ones she hates!

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set in an easy ZIP archive.



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Hairbrush OTK.mp4

File Size: 28 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 480 x 360 30 FPS
Movie Length: 04:50

Brandi is late getting up. Mr.M comes in and sends her out
for the hairbrush. He then uses it over her pants, otk.



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File Size: 346 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1440 x 1080 30 FPS
Movie Length: 15:07

Rose has been a little too hands on at work. She gets called into the office
of her boss Snow Mercy. There have been several complaints from lady customers
who have been fitted for outfits by Rose, who often will grab their bottoms
because, as she claims, she needs to in order to fit them for the perfect dress.
Rose does not want to get fired and will do anything to keep her job. So her boss
tries an extreme form of discipline. She puts Rose over her knee for a long and
painful spanking in the office and even uses a wooden rule that runs her bottom bright red.

Starring: Snow Mercy, Rose



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Essie Quinn Detention Center-B.mp4

File Size: 200 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 25 FPS
Movie Length: 06:49

Those peachy buns are made for spanking, and Essie Quinn knows it!
With her lilting Irish accent, she argues about being spanked, but
she can’t stop it in Detention Center. Zoe Page knows how to deal
with new girls in trouble, putting Essie across her knee for a
resounding panties-down spanking, cheeks wobbling in stunning
slow-motion replays!

You can download all 16 photos from this
set in an easy ZIP archive.



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The Dating Decision Full Video.mp4

File Size: 213 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 30 FPS
Movie Length: 10:33

Both Zoe and Kat really want to go out with Kyle on a date tonight and
planned out fun things for them to do. Kyle decides to test them to see
who truly wants tonight's date the most. First he asks them who is willing
to take off their shirt for him. They both quickly strip off their tops
giggling. The next thing he tries is who is willing to take off their pants
for him, they both jump out of their bottoms hoping he picks them. and lastly
he asks them who is willing to take a hard spanking to earn tonight's date
with him. Kat walks away, but beautiful gorgeous black Zoe jumps at the
opportunity! so Kyle takes her naked body over his knee for a sound spanking
that she squirms through the entire thing. WATCH A GORGEOUS NAKED BLACK GIRL



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Tears Were Shed - MP4 1920x1080.mp4

File Size: 467 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 30 FPS
Movie Length: 09:12

"Tears Were Shed" is the third part in a spanking trilogy that stars the beautiful
and amazing Jessie Whitcomb. The first two parts ("A Stern Cropping in the Barn" and
"A Country Confession: Jessie's Bare Butt Paddling") tell the story of a girl who had
disappointed her step-father and in turn was punished. Eventually, Jessie realized her
mistakes and admitted that more discipline was deserved!
In this video, we see what happened when Jessie was marched to the woodshed after she
was paddled in the barn. She was already sorry for her bad behavior, but her step-dad
thought that a few more licks would do the girl some good. Jessie was instructed to
put her hands against the shed and assume the position for a strapping with a thick
leather belt. The girl was well aware that family and friends would be watching from
inside the house, but the humiliation was part of the punishment and Jessie was understanding
of that fact, she really wanted to be a better young lady.
A belting on the jeans really hurts a bottom, but so does getting birched with a bundle
of birches as well! Jessie would also find herself getting a taste of the switch too.
Later, Jessie's tight blue jeans would be dropped and her bare bottom would receive
more discipline with the belt and the switch. By the time this punishment was over Jessie
was struggling with tears. She was embarrassed and sore, having held strenuous positions
like holding her ankles. It was time for Jessie to be forgiven and all to be forgotten,
she took her licks like a responsible girl and it was a good, long while before she had
to be bared for another spanking.

Related Categories: TEEN 18 OR 19, OUTDOORS, SPANKING M/F, STRAPPING, 18 & 19 YRS OLD.
Keywords: step-daughter spanked, step-daddy's painful belt, very sore behind, bare bottom
strapping, family discipline, hot red cheeks, birched in jeans, old fashioned discipline,
teen spankings, stinging switching, authentic reactions, sexy tight jeans, outdoor punishment,
beautiful girl spanked, jessie whitcomb



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Head Girl Trouble-A.mp4

File Size: 187 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 25 FPS
Movie Length: 04:23

We’re thrilled to welcome back Faerie Willow in her all-new series, Head Girl Trouble,
with Zoe Page in top spanking form! Joining an exclusive English private school is a
privilege, but comes with strict rules enforced by head girl Zoe. “What do you mean by
punishment?” Faerie asks innocently before being bent over a desk and soundly spanked.
Worse to come!

You can download all 14 photos from this
set in an easy ZIP archive.



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The Crack of the Paddle on Yoga Pants Strapped HARD on Panties.mp4

File Size: 189 MB
File Type: MP4
Resolution: 1280 x 720 30 FPS
Movie Length: 06:09

Laying face down over the dining room chair, Maddy perfectly presents her bottom for harsh
discipline. Stinging cuts of the cane down to her sit spots before the big Frat PADDLE comes
crashing down. She knows her yoga pants will be pulled down for additional punishment on her
panties. Harsh licks of step dads belt, yelping in pain as her bottom jiggles under the impact.
The whistle of the cane cutting fresh welts into her exposed bottom cheeks, punctuated by her


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